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The Incarceration Facts

During the first 80 years of the 20th century, the level of incarceration in the United States increased roughly the same as the population. During that time, there were about 200 prisoners per 100,000 U.S. residents, when combining federal and state prisons with local jails. Then, everything changed.

The Source

Most of the increase is directly attributable to the effects of the 1972 declaration of the War on Drugs, the 1984 Sentencing Reform Act, and the 1994 Violent Crime Control Act (the infamous "crime bill").

Beyond the Numbers

Over half of the adults currently housed in state and federal prisons have children, 58% of which are under the age of 10. However, the results of this extend well beyond statistics.

Hope Is in Sight

Fortunately, there is an unmistakable trend toward the realization that mass incarceration has been a catastrophic disaster.

Connecting the Inside with the Outside

- Here at the prison source our main objective is bridging the communication gap
between you and your family member or friend behind bars. -

About The Prison Source

The Prison Source website is the culmination of many months of the frustration I experienced attempting to stay connected with a member of my family, who was in prison. For others, that disconnect can extend to years or even decades.

Experience of losing

Those who have never had the experience of losing a parent, spouse, child or friend to the ravishes of mass incarceration may not understand how destructive even a short sentence can become.

Keep in touch

It isn’t the desire to communicate that stops people from reaching out; it is the outrageous monetary and time costs associated with receiving calls from inmates and mailing letters.

Solving the problem

We developed The Prison Source in hopes of solving this problem for other people with parents, family members or friends who are incarcerated.

How YOU use it

It’s really easy to write someone on The Prison Source, Just follow these steps!


Register with The Prison Source (it is completely free to communicate with any Prison Source member!”)

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Search our database for family members or friends on the inside that you would like to communicate with.

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As Simple As Email

Once you have added an inmate to your contact list, communication is as simple as sending an email.

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Once you send a message or photo, we print everything and mail it to the inmate.

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Photo Packages

Buy a Photo Package for an inmate! Once you buy a photo package for an inmate we assign him a phone number and anyone is able to text him a photo. Just let us know where the inmate is located, select your plan and start texting the inmate photos today! Keep in mind, all photos are send via mail and inmates cannot text back from his phone number. The phone number is simply an easier way to send the inmate photos.



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Sponsor an Inmate

If an inmate is not currently a member of The Prison Source and you’d like to write him or her, just become a Sponsor.
When you sponsor an inmate, you are paying their membership fee.
Once that inmate is on our website, anyone can log into their account and write her or him at no additional cost.


$39.993 Months

  • Profile on The Prison Source
  • 10 full color photos every month
  • Unlimited outgoing messages
  • Unlimited incoming messages
  • Automatic conversion of profile for access from any mobile device tablet/phone/laptop


$59.996 Months

  • Profile on The Prison Source
  • 20 full color photos every month
  • Unlimited outgoing messages
  • Unlimited incoming messages
  • Automatic conversion of profile for access from any mobile device tablet/phone/laptop
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